The Shelf Life of a Tangerine

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Have you ever found yourself in this position: you have a craving for those tangerines you purchased and when you wake up in the morning and head to the fruit bowl. At this point, you make an unfortunate discovery. The tangerines have become overripe and are no longer good to eat. How could this happen you wonder. They were purchased fresh only a few days ago. Did the shelf life on the tangerines run out quicker than you thought possible? Rather than dwell on the past, it would be much wiser to look towards the future. That is, you need to have a little understanding of a few factors regarding the shelf life of tangerines and how to extend it.

Tangerines that are placed on a table at room temperature will usually last about one week. However, since you do not know how long the tangerines were sitting on the store shelf prior to purchasing it, it would be safer to assume they will last 5 days. Remember, the tangerine has been cut off from the nutrients of its tree and it is exposed to the air in your home. It is not going to last forever and will last even less time if the home is excessively hot. So, do not let the tangerines sit forever on the kitchen table or else they will start to rot sooner than you think.

What happens if you want to extend the life of the tangerines? The easiest way to do this would involve placing them in the refrigerator. Refrigerated tangerines can last upwards of 2 weeks. As such, this is recommended for those that want to add a little extra life to the fruit.

Please note: if you purchase the tangerines from an organic store, they may only last in room temperature for 3 days and possibly only 5 days in the fridge. This is because organic tangerines do not contain processed elements that prevent spoilage.

Regardless of whether or not the tangerines are organic or non-organic, they can literally last upwards of one year if they are frozen. Freezing completely stops the decaying process and those that wish to enjoy a tangerine when they are completely out of season should place them in the freezer for safe storage. Just be sure that the temperature is 0 degrees or lower for best results.

You can only enjoy a tangerine when it is fresh. Knowing how to properly store them will go a great ways to ensuring they stay fresh.

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