The Health Benefits of Eating Peaches

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You already know that peaches are delicious. But you may not know the many health benefits of eating peaches. Like all fruit peaches are a healthy part of any diet.

Fresh fruit

is essential to good health. But delicious peaches have several essential vitamins and minerals that you may not get enough of in other foods. There are several different types of peaches that are in season throughout the year. So no matter what time of year it is you can find delicious fresh peaches. You can also use fresh peaches to make peach preserves that can be enjoyed all year. Peach preserves on ice cream is a fantastic

summer treat.

Just like citrus fruit, peaches are full of Vitamin C. Vitamin C keeps your immune system strong and helps your body fight off colds and viruses. Eating peaches is one more delicious way to get the Vitamin C that your body needs. And since peaches only have about 40 calories per fruit you can keep your weight down by eating juicy and succulent peaches as a snack instead of high sugar chocolate or high calorie chips. Peaches also are filled with minerals that your body really needs like fluoride, iron and potassium. Many women don’t get enough iron in their diet. Try eating a peach everyday if you have been told you need more iron. Another essential nutrient that you can find in peaches is Vitamin A. Vitamin A is not in many foods. Your eyes need Vitamin A to stay healthy. Peaches are naturally full of Vitamin A and Beta Carotene which is an antioxidant that helps your body stay strong and healthy.

If you don’t live in an area where you can get local peaches fresh throughout the year you can also snack on dried peaches. You can even make your own dried peaches using a food dehydrator. Most often you will find dried peaches in the bulk foods section of grocery stores or in trail mix or snack mixes. Dried peaches have all the benefits of fresh peaches but they have a slightly sweeter taste because of the sugar used to dry them. If you want the most nutritious peaches you can get you should always try to eat fresh peaches that are bursting with flavor. Ripe peaches should be slightly firm to the touch and not have too many bruises or soft spots.

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