The Antioxidant Properties of Tangerines

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Anyone that even has a passing interest in staying in good health has probably heard the words “free radicals” at one point. Those that have heard of them understand it is best to avoid them. Why is this? Free radicals are the severe toxins that can dramatically impact a person’s health in a negative way. And the word negative is not used flippantly. When free radicals amass significantly in the body, they can contribute to serious diseases such as cancer. That is why it is necessary to take the proper nutritional sources that are known to combat free radicals. Tangerines definitely fall into this category.

Why is this? Of course, the reason is that tangerines contain the very helpful “ingredient” Vitamin C. Vitamin C has scores of benefits that can greatly help the body in a number of ways. Most people associate Vitamin C with its ability to help a person overcome a serious cold or other common ailments. However, Vitamin C can help overcome other serious maladies since Vitamin C contains powerful antioxidant properties. That is why eating tangerines as a viable source of Vitamin C is so recommended. They will infuse the body with a significant amount of antioxidants which can certainly have a positive impact.

There does need to be a little clarification provided here. Some people assume that antioxidants are not real because they have been misled to believe they are wonder cures. Well, first, they are not wonder cures. They are natural products found in organic food sources. In this case, we are specifically talking about the excellent fruit the tangerine. The tangerine will provide the body with scores of antioxidants but they will not act as a miracle drug or cure. This is a common misconception and proponents of antioxidants certainly do not make such claims. Well, the honest and legitimate ones will not make such claims.

So, what exactly does the Vitamin C and antioxidant components of a tangerine actually do? They combat the free radicals in the system and help the body rid itself of them. Of course, with the free radicals removed from the body, the negative and adverse health effects of the free radicals cannot take hold of it and cause harm. And yes, a “mere” tangerine – or any other viable source of Vitamin C – can help achieve this goal.

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