Temple Oranges – A Delicious Treat for Everyone

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minimax-orangesIf you want a healthy sweet treat to help you stay on track with your goal of healthy eating, or if you want to give your loved ones a super sweet Valentines Day treat you should order some Temple Oranges. The combination of the two flavors created a fruit that a unique tart and sweet taste in a fruit that medium sized and easy to peel. Temple Oranges are a favorite with dieters because the great taste is very satisfying whenever cravings for sweets hit but they have less than 80 calories per fruit. Some fans of this great hybrid fruit wait all year to be able to enjoy this unique fruit.

You can buy Temple Oranges by themselves or in assorted fruit boxes and fruit baskets. Many people stock up on Temple Oranges by ordering early in the growing season and ordering a box of Temple Oranges every month until they go out of season. Because Temple oranges are juicy and sweet they are fabulous to use for preserves. Making orange marmalade or orange jelly is easy to do, even if you have no experience with canning at home. You can create beautiful bright orange preserves that can be frozen and used all year, or preserved to give as gifts when the holiday season rolls around again.

Temple Oranges are popular with parents because kids are drawn to the sweet taste and love to eat them. Getting kids to eat healthy snacks can be a challenge and keeping plenty of Temples on hand to be packed into school lunches or given out as desserts and snacks is a great way to encourage healthy eating. Because these tasty oranges are medium sized and easy to peel kids can easily peel them and eat them by themselves. They also don’t have a lot of seeds because they are a hybrid fruit, which makes them safe for kids to eat. Giving baskets of Temple oranges or fruit baskets with grapefruit and Temple oranges is a fun way to give all your loved ones a nutritious and delicious gift for birthdays, anniversaries or other occasions.

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