Make These Exotic Valentines Treats with Honey Tangerines

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This Valentine’s Day surprise your sweetie with some of these delicious tangerine chocolate treats. Honey tangerines, the sweetest tangerines around, are in season from late January through early spring and they are the ideal fruit to use when making treats for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Nothing goes better with rich chocolate than citrus fruit, and the combination of chocolate and exotic honey tangerines will make treats that no one will be able to resist. Even if you’re not a great cook you should be able to easily make these delicious treats:

Chocolate tangerine heart cookies – These cookies are perfect for Valentine’s Day baskets or as a dessert at a Valentine’s Day dinner. To make these treats mix up a basic sugar cookie dough, then add in about a cup of grated semisweet or bitter chocolate, whichever you prefer. Also mix in a few tablespoons of grate tangerine peel. Mix into the dough thoroughly. Roll out the dough the way that you normally would for sugar cookies, and use a cookie cutter to cut out cookie dough hearts. Make twice as many as you need. If you want to make a dozen cookies roll out 24 hearts and so on. Place half the hearts on a greased cookie sheet. Add a dollop of honey tangerine preserves onto each chocolate heart along with about half a teaspoon of grated tangerine or orange peel. Place another chocolate heart on top of the original heart. pinch the sides together so the preserves are baked into the cookie. Bake until cooked through and you have a delicious gourmet Valentine’s Day treat.

Tangerine chocolate cake – This is another super easy dessert that will taste great. Use a chocolate cake mix but substitute the juice of a couple of fresh honey tangerines for the water in the recipe. Grate some tangerine or grapefruit peel into the batter. Mix well, and bake according to the instructions on the box. When the cake is cool you can top it with segmented tangerines, a simple syrup made from boiling sugar and tangerine juice together until a syrup forms, or pieces of candied tangerine peel. If you want to get really exotic make a frosting from mascarpone cheese and tangerine juice. Your family and friends will love the rich taste and the contrasting flavors of the chocolate and honey tangerines together.

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