Guide to Buying Fresh Fruit Gifts

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sbpb-sugar-belles-cookies-gift-boxFresh fruit gifts are a must during special times of the year. They are a healthy, tasty, and fun alternative to the traditional chocolates or other gifts making them great for every occasion. There are some tips that anyone can follow to help make choosing the right fresh fruit gift baskets that much easier and rewarding. These tips will guide you on your way to the perfect selection.

Fruits by Season

Each season different fruits will be harvested making the fruit arrangements and fresh fruit baskets a bit different. If you have a family member that loves cherries for instance, it is best to buy fresh fruit online in the summer months, namely June and July because that is when cherries are in season, taste the best, and are most reasonably priced. Paying attention to the seasons cannot only get you the best deal; it can also get you the fruit that tastes the best.

Fruit by Price

Another factor to keep in mind is that no matter what season, some fruits are simply going to cost more than others. A fresh fruit basket that has tons of pineapple and other semi-exotic fruits is going to cost a bit more than one that has something like apples, pears, bananas, and oranges. The overall cost of your fresh fruit delivery is going to vary greatly depending on what fruits you choose to send. Buying online from a top producer like Hale Groves will save you time and money.

Delivery Distance and Time

The last guideline to follow is the distance that the fruit is going to have to travel. The longer the trip, the more pricey and the more consideration you should take when it comes to selecting the company and what fruit is going to be in the delivery. Fresh grapefruit and citrus in general for instance are going to hold up much better for delivery than something delicate like grapes or peaches making it an ideal fruit for distance delivery when you look to send fresh fruit.

Finding a great source like Hale Groves in the Indian River area of Florida is one way to be sure you are going to get quality fruit as well as a timely and secure delivery. If you choose a professional company that is highly rated, you are far more likely to get a great fruit assortment that is tasty, beautiful, and perfect for all seasons, all occasions, and all events!

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