Grilling Peaches

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Georgia is known for producing quality peaches from May thru August. Idaho peaches prove that Idaho grows more than just potatoes. They ripen late in the season from August to October. There are a large variety of clingstone peaches with the pit, semi-clingstones, and freestone varieties. Peaches come in two types–white and yellow. Both states produce sweet juicy peaches great for any recipe and summer is the best time for grilling fruit.

The flesh of a ripe peach will yield somewhat to the touch and be enticingly sweet-scented. It should be full of juice and free of bruises. One of the easiest ways to peel fresh peaches is to use a potato peeler. It is safe and easy to use. To pit a peach cut it with a knife all the way down to the pit and around. Twist each half in the opposite direction. Pull apart and remove the pit.

Grilling Georgia peaches in the spring or summer makes a great summer dessert. Take advantage of sweet summer peaches with wonderful grilled peaches recipes you may find on various Internet sites. Grilled fresh peaches will make the perfect dessert with ice cream or served with a savory dish like roast pork.

Peaches are healthy and refreshing and a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A and iron. Best of all, a medium-size peach is only 50 calories.

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