Florida Navel Oranges: Perfect for Holidays & Special Occasions

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2n-navelsWhen you’re looking for a holiday or a special occasion gift, nothing says it better than a basket of Florida navel oranges. It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas, a birthday, a get-well wish or just a way to tell someone you are thinking of them, Florida Navel Oranges suit the occasion perfectly. While we’ve all heard the expression, “Say it with flowers,” we have to remember this: flowers soon wither and die but Navel Oranges remain with you for much longer, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy their delicate flavor. While flowers provide a wonder and even aromatic fragrance, they do nothing to enhance the delicate taste buds.

The only bad part about sending Florida Navel Oranges is finding them during the winter when you don’t live in Florida where they are grown and harvested. While the cost of importing navel oranges to other parts of the country can be a bit more expensive, they are well worth the cost and free shipping is sometimes offered. Since they are seedless, Florida Navel Oranges are good choices for small children and others who do not want to pick out the seeds that accompany ordinary oranges. Florida navel oranges also make great additions to edible baskets, especially with respect to the additional smaller orange that accompanies navel oranges.

In addition to being great additions to fruit and edible baskets, Florida navel oranges are perfect from extracting juice. In fact, they are the first choice for juice suppliers with Valencia Oranges taking their place only when navel oranges are not available. Orange juice, fruit juice, and many other drinks that rely on orange juice also rely on navel oranges. Many recipes call for orange peel, and with the additional small orange on navel oranges you have more peel than you might extract from ordinary oranges. There is no need to buy prepared orange peel when you have wonderful oranges from which you can grate your own peel and extract freshly prepared orange juice.

While you may not have a choice in the type of fruit to include in a commercial fruit basket, you can certainly put together your own basket and include Florida Navel Oranges among the other citrus fruits. While it may be difficult to put together your own fruit basket if you plan to have someone deliver it to a hospital or place of employment, you can certainly deliver one personally or put it together as part of a selection of fruit you use at your home. A fruit basket makes a perfect centerpiece for your dining room table or as a decoration on the living room table. Adding Navel Oranges simply enhances the nature of the fruit basket and gives him some added flavor.

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