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abundant-christmas-day-basketThe Internet is arguably the single most important invention since the airplane. Though some observers would scoff at such a notion, the truth is that the Internet has had a profound effect on human life. Sure, most users waste their time chatting and searching for pornography, but the internet does deserve credit for the positive effect it has had on commerce. In just a few short years, thousands of e-businesses have set up shop online. They now account for just over eight percent of all retail transactions in the United States.

Now, that might not seem like a lot. But consider the fact that e-commerce was one of the few sectors of the economy that posted positive growth in the wake of the Great Recession. In fact, online sellers reported a 10.8 gain in 2009!

Some businesses benefit from plying their trade online, while others do not. As a general rule, any company that can communicate with consumers online and deliver their wares can cut costs on the Internet. Rent, utilities, staff, and inventory costs can all be reduced if a business gets rid of an unnecessary storefront. All they really net is an Internet connect, a few industrious employees, and an affordable and reliable shipping company. In the next few paragraphs we will discuss online fruit delivery companies.

Americans have been sending fruit since the 1940s. The first customers were business executives who were looking for an affordable holiday gift for their clients and colleagues. At the time, flowers were pretty much the only game in town. You could phone a local florist and have a stunning bouquet delivered that very day. The only problem was that flowers were not an appropriate business gift.

We can’t tell you his/her name, but some florist had the brilliant idea to arrange fruit in a basket. The fruit basket was an instant hit with businessmen everywhere. Fruit delivery companies started popping up all over the place. Many of them were located in citrus-producing states, since the citrus family of fruits is the largest and most popular fruit family in America.

When we talk about citrus fruit, we must mention Florida. The Sunshine State is responsible for over 70 percent of America’s total citrus crop, which is why hundreds of fruit delivery companies are headquartered in Florida. Many of these businesses specialize in rare and exotic citrus varieties that are seldom shipped out of state.

Customers can purchase succulent, sought after varieties like the Honeybell tangelo and the Temple Orange. Fruit baskets and trays can be purchased online. It is always best to search for a company that actually grows the fruit it sells. Many fruit delivery companies order their fruit from local orchards, which increases overhead and puts freshness into question.

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