Business Gift Baskets – Are citrus fruits the best gift?

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connoisseur-collectionAs you look for appropriate gifts to give your clients this year to thank them for their continued business, it is important to find gifts that appeal to a broad spectrum of people. One of the best gifts to give for client appreciation is a delicious, healthy fresh fruit basket filled with grove-fresh oranges and grapefruit. Hale Groves offers a variety of gift packages just for business like yours to offer for the holidays.

Grove Fresh

Our grove-fresh citrus fruit is picked per order, ensuring that your clients will get perfect gifts every time. We grade our fruit to the most stringent standards, maintaining nutrient-rich, juicy and sweet fruit for our customers. Therefore, you can feel confident that a gift from Hale Groves will make your clients smile when they taste it.

Broad Appeal

With so many people working hard to promote their own health and stay fit, fresh fruit mixed with nuts, jams and other delicious treats make perfect gifts. These gourmet gift baskets are full of nutrient-packed goodies that can be used in salads, sandwiches and packed in lunches to enjoy either at work or on the go.

Great for Families

Our gift baskets are an ideal choice to be shared with co-workers in the office during the holiday season or for a special occasion. The citrus fruit offers a pleasant pick-me-up during a long day and kids love them. They can also be used as part of buffet at an office or family party.

Vegetarian and Vegan

We have gifts to please vegetarians and vegans as well, including our Healthful Snack Box with fresh, dried fruit and nuts, and Healthful Honeybell Snack Box, which has a different variety. Fresh from the Florida grove and direct to your customer, these gifts will make the pickiest eaters happy. Fruit is picked at the peak of flavor and ripeness for its sugar content, as well as firmness for a healthy and vitamin-filled snack.


Even the most traditional holiday celebrant will love the Fruit Cake Assortment gift from Hale Groves. These tasty fruitcake samplers feature a range of flavors for those who can’t celebrate the holidays without a taste of this traditional treat. Bosses, co-workers and clients will appreciate our mixed fruit boxes with several citrus varieties including tangerines, clementines, oranges and grapefruit to eat during their festivities.

Under $50

To stick within your company’s budget, choose from a list of gift box packages offered for under $50. Our Sunny Morning Buffet package includes citrus fruits, coffee and marmalade. Our Legendary Spring Flamingo package offers Hale Valencia Oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruit and incredible-tasting Ortanique Oranges for a full-flavored meal. These rich packages will really let your customers know how much you appreciate their loyalty.

Hale Groves knows that you want to present a high-quality gift for your loyal customers, and we guarantee our grove fresh products to you. We ship fruit that is picked just before packing and send them in temperature-controlled trucks packed neatly so that your customers get them in perfect condition.

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Hale Groves of Vero Beach, Florida, offers the best citrus and fruit gifts money can buy. Order some for your friends, family or yourself.
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