Bake Healthy Treats with Honey Tangerines

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Honey tangerines come into season after the winter holidays, when it’s easy to get depressed by the cold weather and easy to fall of your post-holiday healthy diet. With less than one hundred calories per fruit honey tangerines are the perfect solution to both problems. Baking naturally sweet and relatively low calorie treats using honey tangerines, Honeybells, and other citrus fruits will satisfy your cravings for sweets and give you the boost of vitamins and minerals that you need to stay healthy and positive. Add these delicious but healthy treats to your winter baking arsenal and wow your family and friends with healthy and delicious treats:honey-tangerines

Tangerine cake – This simple but delicious cake is wonderful served with fresh fruit or with low calorie honey tangerine jam. All you need is a simple cake mix and a few fresh honey tangerines. Make the mix as directed, but use tangerine juice instead of water. That will give the cake a delicious citrus taste. Bake as directed, but sprinkle a few teaspoons of tangerine or grapefruit zest into the batter to give it a little extra flavor. Top with ice cream, jam, or simple syrup made from sugar and tangerine juice. This cake makes a wonderful party cake for birthdays or anniversaries.

Tangerine Cheesecake – To make this treat even healthier use low fat or no fat cream cheese and low fat or skim ricotta cheese. You can use half and half or low fat cream instead of whipping cream too. Those substitutions combined with the low calorie tangerine juice makes this a low calorie treat your guests and family will flip for. To make you’ll need to make a cheesecake batter from scratch by combining cream cheese, ricotta cheese, eggs, sugar, cornstarch, butter and vanilla. You will also need four or five honey tangerines. Make a breadcrumb crust, or buy a premade crust. Use the juice of the honey tangerines instead of water, and then peel and segment the tangerines. When the cake it done arrange the tangerine segments on the top of the cake as a garnish and as an additional twist of citrus flavor. Keep chilled until it’s time to serve. You can also serve this with tangerine preserves on top instead of the segmented fruit.

Tangerine Jam – Honey tangerines are perfect for making preserves. The high natural sugar content and natural pectin makes it easy for even a first time jam maker to successfully make a full batch of tangerine preserves that can be enjoyed all year.

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