America’s Favorite Orange — The Navel

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There is a reason why navel oranges are America’s favorite. The Florida Navel is a homegrown fruit that has its roots in the fertile soils of the Indian River region in Florida. With its tropical climate that is present year round, moderate rainfall and nutrient rich soil, this historic area of the country is the perfect place for these Florida Navel Oranges to grow. Sweet, juicy and perfectly sized for kids, Navel Oranges are a welcomed snack that is both highly portable – especially when skinned and sectioned – as well as nutritious.

navel-doubledeckerWhile almost everyone is familiar with an orange, there might be more than just a few people who want to know “What are Navel Oranges?”. This navel fruit shares some of the same attributes with other types of oranges, however with some key differences that make them much more appealing. For example, this large Navel Orange tends to pack a great deal more juicy and wholesome goodness within their skins than other types of oranges.

This is an important benefit to note when it comes time to buy Navel Oranges. Larger navels provide a more robust snack option when one is out and about. Many people note that they are more satisfied after eating one of the larger oranges Navel Oranges. They also have that cute little indentation that looks so much like everyone’s favorite body part – the belly button – on their sides.

One of the most often cited reasons for choosing Florida Navel Oranges besides their large size is the fact that these are seedless Navel Oranges. The absence of seeds means a more pleasant snacking experience for the person who enjoys a good and juicy piece of fruit that is loaded, not only with luscious taste, but with plenty of Vitamin C to keep one healthy all year round.

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