5 Reasons to Send Navel Oranges for Christmas

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When it comes to Christmas gifts each year, it can be a challenge to find the perfect one for everyone on your list. While young children are often fairly easy to buy for, as people age they tend to become more difficult when trying to find the type of gift that you know will be appreciated long after the holidays are over. Florida Navels are the perfect gift for this time of the year. Below are the top five reasons why this is true.

1. Florida Navel Oranges Are Seedlesshappy-holidays-basket

Many people love the Navel Orange seedless varieties, which make using them in meals and as snacks much easier. There is no need to find a place to dispose of the seeds.

2. Navels Are the Perfect Size

A Navel Orange size is an important detail when it comes to Florida Navel Oranges for sale. The larger size tends to be sweeter, juicer and more filling when it comes to snacks and cooking.

3. Sweet Navels are Perfect for Adding a Festive Touch to Cooking

Using Navel Orange recipes can add a welcome and festive twist to your cooking this holiday. Choose the sweet Navel Orange and add to side dishes, entrees and desserts for food that is bursting with sweet and juicy flavor.

4. One Size Fits All
When it comes to Navel Oranges Florida grown, they are the perfect gift; as everyone knows Navels are America’s favorite orange. You will never have to worry about them being the wrong size or color. These versatile fruits fit in anywhere and everywhere.

5. The Florida Navel is Perfect for Snacking
Whether you choose to gift a basket filled with the orange navel fruits that are so popular or you decide to order a basket that offers a variety of fruits, these kids navel oranges are the ideal snack for children and adults alike. A healthy and convenient snack to pack for school and work lunches.

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