Three Ways To Present Your Fruit Basket For the Holidays

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When you plan to give a gift, the gift itself is only part of the presentation. You also have to plan the wrapping, the mode of delivery, and even your behavior when you give the gift to its recipient. Depending on what you have in mind, this can involve a simple handoff to an elaborate plan involving time, place, and emotion. If you’re giving a fruit basket as a gift for the holidays, you’ve got the opportunity to make any number of gift presentations. Really, the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination, but we’ve provided a few suggestions below to help get the ball rolling in your creative direction.

Fruit Basket as Centerpiece

The fruit basket’s handsome size and circular shape allows for its use as a centerpiece to all your gifts, especially at office parties or other celebrations where you have gifts for several people but a tree is not available. Fruit baskets also have the advantage of offering your gift recipients a bonus present: as they collect their gifts they can help themselves to one of the gift basket’s delightful samples of fresh, healthy citrus fruit.

Fruit Basket As Gift Conveyance

If you’re planning to give a particular gift but want to make a presentation that’s also a gift itself, the fruit basket is the perfect conveyance. You can tuck the smaller gift into the fruit basket and present the basket in total to the recipient, either with the other gift hidden coyly inside or presented front and center. You can control the level of surprise the recipient experiences at both gifts, and afterwards the two of you still have all the delicious flavors of the fruit gift basket to share together.

Fruit Basket As Gift For A Group of People

But that’s not to say that the gift fruit basket doesn’t work perfectly well as a gift all on its own. Fruit baskets are really ideal gifts for several people at once, as their ample contents and range of extras are almost too much to be enjoyed by just one person. Gift baskets are available online through a number of retailers and boutiques, many of whom assemble the citrus fruit in their fruit baskets at the peak season of ripeness and freshness. Make sure, however, that the fruit you want to send is in season when you want to send your fruit basket gift.

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