When are Sugar Belles in Season?

By : | Comments Off on When are Sugar Belles in Season? | On : December 29, 2016 | Category : Citrus, Citrus Gifts, Clementines, Fruit Facts, Honeybells


What may look like a miniature version of Hale Groves’ world-famous Honeybell is actually a Sugar Belle: a cross between luscious Honeybells and clementines.

As a clementine family member, the Sugar Belle has an easy-to-peel “zipper” skin and an extremely complex and tasty flesh. The sweetness of the Honeybell mixed with the tang of a clementine provides a mouthwatering and flavorful experience.

This perfectly sweet and sour citrus fusion, also known as a “Holiday Bell,” is low in seed count, rich in flavor and reaches peak season in December—just in time to be shipped off and delivered for the holidays. With only one quick harvest, fruit is limited, so Sugar Belles make for a perfect once-a-year tradition.



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