Citrus Fruit Uses in the Home

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It is easy to assume that most people scurry through the produce aisle during their weekly visit to the grocery store for the purpose of collecting fruits that they will consume with their meals this week. Have you ever picked up a lemon with the intention to utilize it to whiten your tennis shoes? Chances are you, as well as many others, have not. In a time when the economy is struggling and funds are tight, it is time to get creative and go back to the basics. Many of the citrus fruits that you have in your home have alternative uses that will not only save you money on expensive cleaning products, but also provide a fresh and natural way to keep a clean home. Here are just a few of the ways that your citrus fruits can be used to assist in ways you may never have thought of before:

Cleaning Products: Do you despise the soap residue and lime scale buildup that happens on your bathroom faucet or shower? Before you go to use that high cost, strong stench product that swears it will remove these dirty spots, try rubbing an ordinary lemon on the problem areas. Not only will you be impressed with the results, but the smell will be much more refreshing.

Stains: Would you not love to be able to get those embarrassing underarm stains out of your favorite blouse? Rather than searching for a store bought product, try mixing lemon juice and water and scrubbing the stain. You can also attack mildew and rust stains on your clothing by creating a salt and lemon juice paste and placing it on the stain. Hang the clothing with the paste rubbed in outside in the sunlight and the stain will disappear before your eyes.

Air Freshener: Did you ever notice the stale scent that comes out of your humidifier after significant use? Try freshening up this dull scent by mixing 3 to 4 small teaspoons of any type of citrus juice in with the water and watch the musty scent vanish. You can use any of the citrus fruits you enjoy the smell of such as oranges, limes or grapefruit.

Insect Deflector: Before you call the insect exterminator, try the following citrus fruit home remedies to get rid of any creepy crawlers that are infesting your home. If you notice an anthill, try to get rid of it by pouring a warm cup of water filled with pureed orange peels onto it. If you notice moths in your closet, try stuffing an orange with some cloves and placing it into your closet and the citrus fruits will tell the moths to stay away.

Pets: Do you have a puppy that just doesn’t seem to stop barking? Try training them not to bark by squirting a little juice from a lemon into their mouths when they do it. Perhaps there is a cat who continues to insist on using your lawn as their own public bathroom. To let them know your lawn is not open for business, place the peels of oranges mixed with coffee grounds on some of their known spots. If you prefer to use other forms of citrus fruits to do this, they will work as well.

In addition to these helpful household hints, do not forget that citrus fruits can make a beautiful centerpiece for the house. It can be something as simple as maximizing the quality of their unique colors by placing them into a basket on a table to compliment the surrounding décor in any room. Next time you are taking a trip your local grocery, keep these innovative ideas in mind as you are strolling through the produce aisle. After all, who does not enjoy saving money and keeping things fresh? Citrus fruits are not expensive and you may find even more uses for your citrus fruits than what was listed!

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